Two self-confessed foodies enjoying one mouthful after another...

Join us at the table - make sure you grab a knife and fork....

What's cooking?

pb & Jelly yoghurt with banana and berries



This is my new favourite breakfast! 

I am not a lover of cereal as I am not fond of the taste of cold plain milk. Nor do I enjoy the cardboard texture of most cereals. I have been know to eat muesli with yoghurt or even Weetbix with butter and jam. I am a true breakfast snob. 

Normally a breakfast for me is consists of eggs with either asparagus, spinach or mushrooms. The eggs being scrambled, fried, poached or even ....

Welcome to A Dash Of Flavour


The Kitchen

This is where most of the food adventures begin and end - not a restaurant quality kitchen but it is fully functional, homely and does the job.


Who are we?

This is us... 

I am Welsh and he is English - both emigrated to Australia as children and that's where we met.

I love the colour red and he loves wearing Hawaiian shirts.  

And we both love food ...


A Dash Of Flavour - The Beginning

We all have to start somewhere - for us it was with a humble blog.  A blog I didn't even tell him about.   Since meeting each other we have both been very passionate about food and enjoy trying new tastes, techniques, cuisines together.